Daniel arsham collabs with stone island on safari porsche 911 off-roader



American artist daniel arsham has teamed up with sportswear brand stone island on a new project titled ‘safari’. as part of the collaboration, arsham has customized a porsche 911 and a unimog 404 with rally car specs and bespoke upholstery by stone island.

The custom vehicles are to be presented this weekend (march 19-20) in an exhibition at the la brea stone island store in los angeles. the event will also see the premier of a 10-minute documentary directed by jeremy elkin, which arhsam teased this week on instagram. shot in new york, georgia, and the california desert, the short film tells the story of the collaboration through the words of arhsam and racecar driver leh keen, who built the re-imagined porsche.




The arsham studio x stone island partnership celebrates the culture of porsche safaris, a phenomenon where car enthusiasts take a porsche 911 and lift it to create a robust off-roader. arsham’s safari was built by leh keen using a 1986 porsche 911 turbo as the base. rally car specs were then added to make the vehicle ready for rough terrain. the modifications include an external light pod on the front hood, additional bumpers on front and rear with accompanying skid plate running the length of the underside of the car, off-road tires, and heightened suspension.


In addition to the porsche, the artist has also re-imagined a unimog 404 truck to drive alongside the safari as a kind of a rally recovery vehicle.




the safari porsche and unimog have been redesigned as a pair with complementary interiors and exteriors. the seating in both vehicles is now covered with stone island’s specially-crafted moleskin, which is designed to enhance seat grip. the fabric has been dyed and then treated to get a dusted effect. the bespoke upholstery features the embroidered logos of both arsham studio and stone island.


meanwhile, the truck bed of the unimog features bespoke stone island ‘tela stella’—a tarpaulin-inspired fabric that gave birth to the brand—in custom drab green. the project also includes a limited run of mechanic-like overalls and tela stella carry-all bags for family and friends of the team.


Original Source: https://www.designboom.com/design/daniel-arsham-stone-island-safari-porsche-911-off-roader-03-16-2022/


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March 30, 2022