Christophe Catelain, born in 1972, is a visual artist and photographer from the 'Urban & contemporary' scene. Growing up with Pop Art and strongly influenced by Street Art, his visuals are made up of thousands of images from his trips around the world and now come in different formats (Plexiglass, light boxes, fences, lightweight concrete, plexiglas blocks, etc.).

His works have been exhibited in NY, Singapore, Paris, Dubai, Los Angeles, Crans Montana (Switzerland) and in France, in St Paul de Vence & Barbizon. Unconventional, and more and more involved in a very "Art And Peace" composition process, his collections are full of cultural references and pay homage to the movement "LOVE#FREEDOM#NO MORE WAR."

“I am passionate about photography. It never left me! Being very fond of the U.S., I began creating digital compositions following 9/11. As a former Parisian fireman it felt natural to pay tribute to the victims of the World Trade Centre as much as to the 343 firemen who lost their lives on this tragic day. Thus the first series ‘No More War’ was born. It has been a relentless work, developing my composition technique using messages, nods to Pop Culture, and tributes as the background for the series. A blend of Pop Culture, Street Art, and photos I took traveling around the world. In today’s multi-media society, everything becomes a source of inspiration…”