Richard Orlinski, the sculptor who breaks the rules: king of contemporary art!

For several years now, Richard Orlinski created his own universe with the animals that fascinated him: crocodiles, panthers, wolves, bears, gorillas – all belonging to his concept called “Born Wild.” Orlinski plays with the proportions of the animals, enlivening them with the strength, ferocity, and power that characterize wild beasts.

“I play with the shapes, I change them. I modify their forms according to my vision. I am always looking for perfection. I like when a sculpture is perfectly finished and completed.”

Richard Orlinski currently lives and works in Paris, France. His creative energy has brought him to work across numerous mediums such as aluminum, resin, glass, and bronze with pop cultural and graffiti-inspired elements. He is currently ranked 121st on the world ranking of auctions distributed by Artprice. He has collaborated with The Kooples, Disneyland Paris, and pastrychef Yann Couvreur for the Salon du Chocolate. His multimedia works reside in the collections of Sharon Stone, Paul McCartney, Harrison Ford, Meryl Streep, Andy Garcia, Richard Branson, David Guetta, Tony Parker, Omar Sy, and more.